Md. Nasir Uddin
Chairman & Managing Director
Pacific Jeans Ltd.

While looking around the High street fashion retailers at 5th Avenue in New York during winter 1990, I noticed that none of their high-end fashionable products are made in Bangladesh. I felt so offended and from that day I along with my team have committed to upgrade our products in terms of quality and design. Today, Pacific Jeans is producing 30 million jeans every year, with firm commitment which is no way inferior to the products produced in Turkey, Italy or Mexico. Our vision to produce premium jeans has turned into our undying passion. This pursuit of excellence solidified the company with capability and competence to cater any premium, luxury or lifestyle brands with a trendsetting appeal for today’s consumer. This is a moment of greatest pride that the company has achieved strong level of trust and confidence of numbers of renowned brands in terms of products, ethical practices, innovation and management.

“Pacific Jeans Innovation Centre” is continuously experimenting on innovative fits, finishes, fabrics and design development in denim. Our collaboration with highly regarded designers from US, EU and Japanese brands has contributed in a special way to establish us not only as a world class manufacturer but also as a supreme denim and casual design solution company.

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